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Guidelines for an annual status report on implementing DEI Plan

We are in the first year of implementing UMOR’s Strategic Plan on DEI and now ask all of our units about progress made, barriers encountered, and other observations. These questions are paired with the “Guidelines and Resources” memo, which is designed to help units with concrete steps for DEI implementation. These documents will be updated throughout the multi-year DEI implementation period.

We will use this information to:

  • Learn how to best support our units in DEI efforts
  • To compile our annual DEI report to the Vice Provost for Diversity.

We ask you to provide us with your input no later than June 28, 2017. Your responses to the requests below may be in narrative or tabular format, as you see best fit for your unit.

Recruitment or hiring activities

  1. Have your faculty and staff involved in hiring completed the STRIDE training?
  2. Have your job postings been screened to be inclusive to a broad pool of applicants and avoid bias wording? Let us know how you ensured this.
  3. Describe the composition of the search committee(s) in any positions posted in the last twelve months, and how you considered DEI in assembling the committee(s).
  4. If your unit recruits undergraduates for work or research positions, describe the characteristics of the students in your unit and how you have considered DEI in hiring them.

Education and scholarship

  1. How has your unit prepared to participate in the envisioned UMOR diversity post-doc program?


  1. Has your unit conducted a review of your communications to make sure they promote DEI?  Give examples of what you did to review and what changes, if any, were made.
  2. Describe what internal communications you have put out about DEI.
  3. How did you encourage your staff to participate in the DEI staff climate survey?
  4. How do you plan to share information from the DEI staff climate survey in your unit once it becomes available in the fall of 2017?
  5. Have you held any internal unit meetings on DEI issues? If yes, please provide details such as composition of the group, meeting frequency, and major topics the group is working on.
  6. What opportunities for staff development and training about DEI have you provided?
  7. What opportunities has your unit provided to promote participation in DEI efforts beyond staff development and training (such as opportunities to attend events that promote DEI efforts)?
  8. If your unit provides training programs, have you reviewed them for bias, inclusive language, and ability to advance your unit’s DEI progress?
  9. Have you done a salary and flexible work time review? If yes, what was the result? If no, tell us why.
  10. Has a corporate, government, or a foundation partner worked with your unit on DEI? If so, describe.
  11. Please let us know of any other DEI efforts your unit has engaged in.
  12. Are there suggestions you have for future versions of this information request?
  13. Please also let us know of major obstacles and barriers that you have encountered.