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Supplemental Information

Review Procedures, Award Terms, & Other Information


The U-M Office of Research (UMOR) requires the signatures of the department or unit head, and the dean or director of the school/college/unit. The dean/director may delegate this authority to an associate dean/director. Please route the application to the appropriate office for signatures well in advance of any deadlines. Your school/college/unit may have internal processing requirements that must be completed prior to submission. Contact those offices for clarification.

Applications will not be processed by UMOR until all appropriate signatures are obtained.

Matching Funds

For all UMOR funding opportunities, securing matching funds or cost sharing from the unit, school/college, department, or outside sources is viewed as an important sign of commitment to and support of the application. As such, a match on a portion of the total project cost is required. The specific required minimum % varies by funding opportunity and can be found in the program description. Non-allowable costs listed under Funding Restrictions (below) are not to be included in matching funds. Joint UMOR and BMRC applicants for maintenance support must follow BMRC's requirement of 1:1 matching funds from the PI's department.

Peer Reviews

Applications will be reviewed by faculty peers. This step may be waived in the case of proposals with comparable external review.

Key considerations during review include:

  • Scholarly merit and potential impact on the field
  • Value for the applicant's own research potential and progress
  • Productivity and qualifications of the applicant, as indicated by record of research achievement or potential
  • Likely impact of this work on the field and its potential to enhance the scholarly distinction of the University
  • Appropriateness of the budget to the project proposed
  • Extent of unit support as indicated by matching funds
  • Any special review requirements as noted in the individual program description


Priority is typically provided to faculty who have not received or have received little funding from UMOR previously.

Frequency of Application

To equitably distribute research and scholarship funds across the campuses, UMOR limits faculty to one award per fiscal year. Exceptions may be granted under special/unique circumstances with prior approval.

Funding Restrictions

In general, UMOR support is NOT available for:

  • Travel to present at conferences
  • Regular salary of faculty except as specifically indicated in program guidelines
  • Computer/hardware/software for routine use
  • Office equipment, telephone installations, photocopy machines
  • Equipment maintenance costs
  • Tuition support
  • Requests for small amounts more appropriately handled at the unit level
  • Projects that are primarily instructional
  • Funds covering reduced external awards
  • Retroactive funding, costs overruns, or disallowances on other sponsored projects
  • Faculty recruitment and start-up packages
  • Page or reprint costs of articles in professional journals

Award Notification

UMOR is committed to responding to faculty requests for support as quickly as possible. Notification of funding decisions is typically made within 12 weeks of the program’s deadline.  Late applications will not be processed until the next deadline for that program.

Applicants can facilitate expeditious review by providing complete information, all required signatures, and by suggesting qualified, independent reviewers.

Award Administration

For most awards of $5,000 or more, a project/grant will be established in the recipient's academic unit for a specified amount, duration, and purpose. The recipient is responsible for ensuring good stewardship of the funds received. All applicable university policies and procedures must be followed.

Award amounts are final. Overruns and disallowances are the responsibility of the individual recipient and academic unit. Each award stipulates an expiration date, after which it is expected that the remaining balance will be returned to UMOR.

Faculty may not retain the award if they leave the University of Michigan.

Any changes in budget items or project period must first be approved by UMOR. UMOR can only offer one six month No Cost Time Extension (NCTX) request if the project has not yet already had an extension. At this time, we are unable to grant multiple extensions for the same project.


Contact, with questions on Faculty Grants & Awards.